About Me

I’m an average Fantasy reader, most of which manifests as reading webcomics and manga. I grew up reading shonen manga, such as Naruto and Bleach, and those stories have left their marks on me (especially Bleach). Of course, Tolkien has also left a huge imprint on me. The Lord of the Rings was and still is my favorite classic fantasy story.

As I grew older and immersed myself in the internet and gaming culture, I discovered the LitRPG genre. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and The Gamer were two of the first LitRPG stories I came across, and I found them intriguing and captivating. Now, inspired by such stories, I write my own LitRPG adventure.

Currently, I write a Fantasy/LitRPG story called Second World, which focuses on a young man, George Young, and his adventures through a new-found, virtual gaming world. I find it to be a fantastic adventure, and I hope you do too. It’s an on-going webserial, so I hope it’ll be a lived journey to those of you who read it.

Thanks, and let us enjoy this adventure together!