Looking for Artwork

I’m looking to commission cover art and/or character art for Second World.

Cover Artwork

The cover design can go in several directions for me. It can be a conceptual design, or it can have characters on it, or it can have landscape and geography. Or a mix of all these. It all depends on how much I like the style and on the quality of the work.

Character Artwork

Ideally, I’m looking for character designs similar in style to Bleach (post-1,000 Blood War arc) or The King’s Avatar (preferably similar to the OVA character designs). 

I appreciate submissions of all kind, so feel free to send me a portfolio of your work. If I like your style, I’ll contact you and maybe we can come to an arrangement.

Fan Art

Of course, fan art is always welcome. If I particularly like a submission, I’ll put it up as a placeholder until I can get commissions done. If I love it, it may end up being the final design for that character/object/place/etc.