Story Notice

As this is an on-going series, story content and structure is subject to change.

If this series gets published on the e-book platform, what you read on this website may be different than the final published version.

Stat values, items, and skills (and their descriptions) may be modified to preserve consistency within the story and/or for balancing plot and character elements. Such content may even be edited out of the story if or when I self-publish on the e-book platform or when the story has further progressed.  Therefore, don’t take character stats, items, and skills (and their descriptions) for granted. 

I’ll also occasionally revisit past chapters to comb the story for errors and inconsistencies.

Additionally, as I do my edits, I may even restructure the content of the story. This means that content from an early chapter may be moved to a later chapter and vice-versa. However, I’m confident that with whatever changes occur, the overall story shouldn’t be affected.

If I overhaul a character(s) or plot arc(s) or anything relevant to the story, I’ll make a post and summarize such changes.