Table of Contents


Volume 1 Chapter 1: The YouTube Video That Changed the World?!
Chapter 2: What Happens When You Step Into a Portal?
Chapter 3: Token of Appreciation
Chapter 4: A Fortunate Encounter
Chapter 5: I Can Finally Log Off?
Chapter 6: Bors
Chapter 7: The Most Essential Skill
Chapter 8: Discovery
Chapter 9: Basic Training Graduation Chapter 10: Making a Man Fall
Chapter 11: Moving On From the Past
Chapter 12: A Cry From Afar
Chapter 13: Fated Connections
Chapter 14: Why Must I Come Across So Many NPCs in One Day?
Chapter 15: Plum Tree Forest
Chapter 16: Curiosity All Around
Chapter 17: The First Dungeon
Chapter 18: Brown-Fanged Spider Queen
Chapter 19: The School of Li Lin
Chapter 20: The Book That Devours Other Books
Chapter 21: Threads of Fate
Chapter 22: Word of Contract
Chapter 23: The Worth of True-Identification
Chapter 24: Why Money Can Sometimes Be a Problem
Chapter 25: Family Matters
Chapter 26: One Must Learn to Climb Without One’s Hands